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The 2006 Honda Accord is the seventh generation of this make. The car has 161 to 166 horsepower, depending on the model. It is available in both automatic and manual transmissions. This car is luxurious and economical at the same time. Like the previous models of Accord, this one also had an inherit problem with its automatic transmission.

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Transmission Overheating Issue

The transmission overheating issue was also a big concern in the seventh generation Accord. Due to the overheating of the transmission the gears would expand. This resulted in the gear teeth getting chipped. The chipped teeth posed two potential problems. Firstly, the teeth would clog the transmission fluid lines and hinder the fluid flow. Secondly, the teeth could get stuck in the transmission and cause a lock.

A transmission lock is very dangerous, and can halt a moving vehicle in the middle of the highway. Since this was the result of lack of lubrication, Honda’s oil jet modification was thought to be the solution to this.

Extensive Friction between the Gears

The 2006 Accord had a major issue with the gears not getting enough lubrication. The gears would face intense friction together which is not ideal. As a result the gears let off metal shavings. The metal shavings would mix with the transmission fluid and go into the lines. The lines would get blocked and the transmission oil wouldn’t circulate within the bell housing.

Honda was aware of the issue and tried to rectify it. However, they didn’t revise the design of the transmission. Instead they just recalled the transmission and installed an oil spray pressure jet to keep the gears lubricated properly. This didn’t help much and many transmissions modified by Honda failed to the extent that they required replacement.

Weak Gear Shifting

Besides the lack of lubrication and the overheating, the transmission was not very strong. When the car was driving at high speeds or uphill, the transmission would vibrate and make humming sounds. In addition, at high speeds and uphill drives, the transmission would not shift gears at all which was also an issue with the 2006 Accord.

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