What’s the Problem?

It will help us to know what is specifically occurring with your vehicle. When you contact us by phone 303-710-2719, please describe the problem and when it is happening.

You are welcome to also stop by during business hours or by appointment and have us test drive your vehicle and we can then provide a free diagnosis and free estimate for what is needed to get you back on the road with a properly working transmission.

Please tell us...

  • Does your problem happen more or less when the vehicle is hot or cold?
  • Does your problem occur when accelerating or stopping?
  • Does your problem occur when the transmission is trying to make a gear change (as you are driving) or when you first put the vehicle in gear (sitting still)?
  • Is there a noise associated with your problem?
  • Will your vehicle back up (go in reverse)?
  • Will your vehicle make it here or do you need a tow?

The team here at Roadrunner Transmission & Gear is ready to help!