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Low Cost Transmission Repair Centennial

Here at Roadrunner Transmission, we specialize in low cost transmission repair and will provide honest pricing and service to get your car back on the road safely.

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Helping You Protect Your Transmission

If you ask any auto professional what are two of the most important systems within a vehicle, the transmission would be on that shortlist. The transmission helps direct power from the engine to the wheels and without it, you aren’t going anywhere. At Roadrunner Transmission, we recognize just how important the transmission is to your car’s overall performance, and it’s why we offer a full suite of transmission repair services. But not only do we have a strong list of services, but we also have quality professionals performing them. ASE Certified, our technicians have extensive experience working on the transmission and can help you handle any issue you may come across. See why we’re a trusted transmission service shop in Cenennial, CO.  

How You Can Maintain Your Transmission

At our facility, we want to equip our customers with all the information they need to succeed. Transmission repairs can get pricey, and if we know something that can help you avoid it, we want you to know about it.

Although doing DIY repairs on your transmission is something we discourage, there are some things you can do to maintain your transmission’s performance for longer. Whether you have no idea what to do or you’re looking for more methods to maintain, here are some tips to protect your transmission:

Don’t change gears while moving: one of the easiest ways to protect your transmission is to avoid shifting from “reverse” to “drive” while the car is moving. Doing so places an extreme amount of pressure on the system, and it can quickly lead to problems if done consistently. Instead, get to a full stop before changing gears. This will help preserve the system for longer and ensure your transmission is working properly for miles to come.

Avoid towing: unless your vehicle is specifically designed to handle towing, it’s best that you avoid doing so with your vehicle. Towing can put a tremendous amount of stress on your vehicle, which can lead to the transmission fluid oxidizing or burning up. As a result? A higher likelihood of your transmission sustaining serious damage.

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Without your transmission, you won’t be able to direct your vehicle appropriately, putting you be at the mercy of whatever slopes you may find – and that’s no way to drive. Make sure your transmission is always working at its best and schedule a transmission repair service with Roadrunner Transmission. Our ASE Certified technicians are transmission experts, with extensive experience servicing and maintaining this system. They’ll help you navigate the toughest situations and come out with a better performing vehicle.


Roadrunner Transmission and Gear is a drivetrain specialist serving all of Denver County with transmission and diesel automotive issues. With over 18+ years’ experience, we can help repair your transmission at affordable and fair prices.  We specialize in transmission repairdiesel engine repairclutch repair and more!

We would be pleased to offer you a free evaluation or estimate on the services you need.


Transmission Repair Centennial